• Jen will draw on personal experience as a nurse practitioner to bring a professional perspective to Richmond working for those with pre-existing conditions and those most vulnerable among us.
  • Jen will make healthcare more affordable and accessible with innovative solutions for families, young people and retirees.
  • She will advocate for improved health plans and other solutions that bring competition into the healthcare marketplace to drive down costs.
  • Jen will fight to control the rising cost of prescription drugs.
  • Jen will use her experience as a prescriber of narcotics to effect change within the medical community to fight the opioid crisis in our communities and provide better access to treatment and rehabilitation options.


  • Jen knows that hard work must be coupled with opportunity for upward mobility in order for every resident of the 7th District to have a shot at the American Dream. She’ll work to boost local job growth and draw businesses to Virginia Beach and Norfolk to provide more opportunities to grow a business and raise a family.
  • The Port of Virginia is a major economic engine in our region. It must be deepened and widened and Jen will work to ensure our port and shipyards continue to thrive and are economically successful.
  • Every Virginian that pays income tax will see a rebate this year because of the tax reform by the General Assembly. Jen looks forward to working with her colleagues to continue to bring common sense reform to our taxation system.
  • Jen will work to attract the technology industry, including data centers, to the Hampton Roads area and to foster a community where digital businesses are welcome.


  • As a veteran herself, Jen knows the challenges those who served our country face when they look to reenter society. Jen will expand job and career training opportunities for our veterans and their spouses.
  • Those who have served our country deserve the best benefits possible as they rejoin the workforce. From healthcare to retirement to education, Jen will fight for the benefits veterans deserve.
  • She will advocate, in a fiscally responsible way, reducing the tax burden for veterans to allow for them to build businesses and support their families.
  • As both a veteran and a veteran’s spouse, Jen will be an advocate for employment, childcare and deployment support for spouses of veterans.

Public Safety

  • Jen is a defender of constitutional rights granted to us by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and is committed to working across party lines.
  • Every family should feel safe in their community whether it be at work, home, church, school, or recreational activities. Jen will continue to advocate for mental health screening and treatment for our community members who are at risk. Jen will also fight for better pay for our law enforcement officials so that they get the compensation they deserve for their sacrifice to us.
  • First responders and firefighters are local heroes. Jen will support expanded cancer protections for our firefighters and first responders so that we take care of those who watch out for our safety.


  • Our community faces real threats from sea level rise and recurrent flooding. Jen will seek to replace retiring Senator Frank Wagner on the Joint Subcommittee on Coastal Flooding.
  • Jen will be an advocate for better community ratings for the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System so that Virginia Beach and Norfolk families can realize more savings on flood insurance each year.
  • With the Norfolk Naval Base and Joint Base Langley-Eustis providing jobs and housing for tens of thousands of Virginians – not to mention protecting our coast and serving as operations for so many active duty military members – we must ensure that these installations are protected from flooding and sea level rise. Jen will fight for these protections.
  • Jen is opposed to offshore drilling, will work to protect our beaches, and supports beach replenishment projects. She understands the importance of keeping our beaches safe and clean for our local families and for our visitors to enjoy.
  • Virginia Beach is now home to two offshore wind power turbines. Jen is a supporter of sustainable and renewable energy such as wind and solar power and will promote the exploration of other common sense alternative power sources.
  • The Chesapeake Bay and Back Bay need protection for our blue crab population to grow and to continue our oyster restoration projects.


  • Every child, regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status deserves a quality education. Jen will fight for the opportunity of every student to have the education he or she deserves in a safe and protected environment.
  • Jen will advocate for improved pay and appropriate benefits for our teachers who have more and more responsibility placed on their shoulders each year.
  • College must be more affordable and there should be more opportunities for the many young Virginians who are choosing to go to community college or trade schools instead of a four year university. Jen will tirelessly advocate for more affordable college as well as increased opportunities for expanded community college and vocational training.


  • Our interstate is an invaluable resource for the transportation of goods, people and ideas to and from Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Jen will be a tireless advocate for more state funding and federal funding to continue making I-64 more efficient and safe.
  • There are solutions out there to help reduce traffic congestion in and around our communities. Jen will fight for innovations like signal modification, more efficient accident response practices and moveable barriers to reduce congestion.


  • Jen will work to provide options other than abortion for women who have unplanned pregnancies. She believes in affordable and quality women’s healthcare including mental healthcare for women. Jen respects life at all ages and is an advocate for not only the unborn, but also for her geriatric patient population, people who live with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia and improved support for their caregivers.
  • Jen will continue to ensure Virginia is a place where families want to stay and raise their children. She will support our growing and thriving local festivals, events, road races, parks, beaches, and entertainment venues.
  • Jen will work to combat domestic violence, fight human trafficking, and crack down on repeat, chronic and habitual domestic violence offenders while at the same time empowering women with the ability to protect themselves and their children during a crisis and beyond.
  • Jen will work to ensure our constitutional right of equality for all and fight discriminatory legislation across the board.