3/3/21 Facts from the Floor: End of Session

March 4, 2021
Dear Friend,

The Virginia Senate and House have adjourned “Sine Die” which means our work from both the regular and special sessions is now complete. It has been a long six weeks of heated floor debates, bad weather, and some of the most progressive legislation we have ever seen in Virginia. I feel like I have just returned from the frontlines of a political battlefield!  For the past six weeks in the Virginia Senate, a group of us fought everyday against the progressive agenda that the ruling liberal party brought to the table. Governing under a one-party Democratic majority continues to be dangerous for Virginia and dangerous for America. As one of my colleagues stated, “It was a political ‘jewelry store smash and grab’ for them.” They were able to get away with passing a great deal of the progressive legislation which now sits on the Democratic Governor’s desk…the majority of which is just bad for Virginia.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we must put an end to this one-party rule in Virginia. The majority Democratic party set their agenda last year and has been plugging away aggressively to get everything accomplished to change Virginia before the 2021 election cycle where we will elect a new Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and vote for all 100 seats in the House of Delegates.

Photo taken by Bob Brown RTD

Before we get to the bad bills, there were a few good things that came out of this session:

–     SB 1303: a bill focused on getting our kids back in school and passed out of the House & Senate. This bill, which I co-patroned, requires schools to offer an in-person learning option for students in addition to all-virtual learning. Although we pushed for an emergency enactment clause, we did not have the votes and the legislation would not go into effect until the fall, 2021.

–     SB 1445: a bill lifting barriers for providers to administer more vaccines to people in the Commonwealth. This bill, which I co-patroned, allows for healthcare professionals from all backgrounds, including medical and nursing students, to be able to administer the vaccine without requiring some of the tedious training sessions and unnecessary, burdensome orientations. It passed out of the House & Senate.

–     SB 1146: a bill to conform Virginia’s tax code that includes a deduction of up to $100,000 for Virginia businesses who took Federal assistance loans to keep their doors open (Republicans pushed for full exemption but it was voted down). This means that businesses will only pay state taxes on PPP loans from the federal government over $100,000. This bill passed out of the House & Senate.

–     SB 1403: a bill that establishes a tax exemption for Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gloves, face shields, etc). This bill passed out of the House & Senate.

Now for the bad legislation that passed during this session:

–     SB 1406: Marijuana bill: The legislation that would set Virginia on course to legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana for recreational use. This was an extremely complicated and detailed bill that was hundreds of pages long. The underlying issue addressed by the bill was contentious on its own. Add in hundreds of pages of complicated policy encompassing issues related to law enforcement, government policy on intoxicants, along with taxation, and you get a recipe for a lot of discussion. The bill was too much pushed too fast to roll out a controversial legalization of marijuana.

–     SB 1381: A bill that prohibits possession of a gun on Capitol Square or in any building owned or leased by the state.

–  SB 1261: A bill to pack the court of appeals by increasing the number of judges from 11 to 17 (includes adding 50+ lawyers for staff as well)= expensive!

Bills that did not pass this year but I am sure will be back:

–     SB 1443: A bill to end mandatory minimums in criminal sentencing
–  SB 1370: A bill to bring back parole in Virginia

Additionally, every bill to reduce the executive authority of the Governor failed as well as my bill to get deceased names off the voter rolls more efficiently. They even fought to prevent a bill to improve how votes are reported to prevent late night “vote dump” numbers.

There is a lot headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature! Bills passed by the General Assembly are subject to action by the Governor who can sign, veto, or submit amendments. (The General Assembly will convene for its annual one-day “reconvene” session on April 7 to take up any actions by the Governor.) 

Out of the twelve bills I proposed this session, five are headed to the Governor’s office:

1-    SB 1147: A bill to expand eligibility for the Nurse Loan Repayment Program to include certified nurse aides who meet criteria determined by the State Board of Health.

2-   SB 1148: A bill to change the date of the primary election held in June from the second Tuesday in June to the third Tuesday in June. This is a school safety issue, and elections should be held after the school year ends.

3-   SB 1150: A bill to establish the position of Military Spouse Liaison in the Department of Veterans Services to conduct outreach and advocate on behalf of military spouses in the Commonwealth.

4-   SB 1190: A bill to direct the Board of Education to include advanced directive education in its curriculum framework for the Health Standards of Learning for high school students.

5-   SB 1356: A bill to require the Board of Health to include in regulations governing hospitals, nursing homes, certified nursing facilities, and hospices allowing clergy visitation.

With the Senate of Virginia closing up shop for now, we’ll be working back in the 7th District at our Virginia Beach office. You can contact our office by emailing us at district07@senate.virginia.gov or call the office at 757-990-3080 M-F between 9am-3pm.

I will continue to fight for our families and practice calm, common sense leadership that brings balance to the radical left in our Commonwealth and restores faith in our government. It is an honor to represent the people of the 7th District and to be your voice in state government.

Take care & keep in touch-


1. A bill died in the House and was brought back as an “Administration Bill” during the last three days of session in an attempt to get a bad bill through the backdoor. It died only because we ran out of session days! Very sneaky….!

2. Muhammed Ali’s wife was our guest in caucus this past week! She signed autographed pictures of she and the boxing great!

3. The “Night at the Museum” theme when we are still in the Science Museum after dark is not as fun as the movie! (All the exhibits shut down and the dinosaurs do not come to life…!) 

4. Hearing one of my democrat neighbor’s sitting near me state, “This is the dumbest bill” and then watching him vote for it anyway!

5. We lost the marijuana legalization bill by a vote of 20-19. (One vote short of killing it.) It was a party line vote with one democrat voting with us to defeat the bill.

Last Day of Session Photo

Honored to be a part of this amazing group of people…. the Virginia Republican Senate Caucus! They are some of the most well-spoken, smartest, & common sense people I have ever met and who work everyday to protect our Constitution and keep our Commonwealth great. This is our last day of session ‘class picture’ (& we took our masks off for a few seconds for the photo)!

Capitol Tour

I was able to actually go in the Virginia Capitol building for the first time this session! It was nice to sit on the Senate floor and dream of the good old days when we used to hold session in that awesome historic room. I sure hope we are back there next year for regular session, and I look forward to having people be able to visit us in person in Richmond too!

Executive Order Update…

News from Richmond….a small step in the right direction… (& yes- we have tried through several bills to curb the Governor’s executive power but all have been killed in committee!)!

“Governor Northam has amended Executive Order 72 to expand opportunities for outdoor activities in light of improving COVID-19 case statistics. While limits on indoor gatherings remain the same (including a limit of 10 people at indoor social gatherings), the limit on outdoor social gatherings and exercise groups will increase to 25 people and the limit on outdoor racetrack and amusement venues will increase to 1,000 people. The amended order removes the stay-at-home order from midnight to 5 a.m. and extends the cutoff time for alcohol sales in restaurant dining rooms from 10 p.m. to midnight. These amendments, which will be effective March 1, follow the recent amendment in effect as of February 22 to increase the capacity limit for outdoor recreational sporting events to 250 spectators. Summer camps will be able to open as of May 1, using strict mitigation protocols such as small cohorts of campers.”

Link to executive order: Executive Order 72

Vaccine Update
Virginia has a new online registration system to receive a COVID19 vaccine:

If you are in priority group 1b and are interested in getting the vaccine, please register online. (I get my second shot Saturday and will be administering the vaccine at the VB Convention Center as well!)
Here’s is more information:https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/covid-19-vaccine/

Additionally, CVS has started to offer the vaccine to Virginians who are 65+. Please follow this link to register: https://www.cvs.com/vaccine/intake/store/covid-screener/covid-qns

For updates from CVS regarding the vaccine, please visit: https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine

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